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Paul mackenzie sytycd dating

The duets kicked off with a bang, with an intense passion filled Paso Doble choreographed by Jean Marc Genereux.His choreography lights up the stage with his striking musicality, aggressive movement and of course, insane partnering! The intensity behind their eyes resonated across the whole room.Someone challenge that boy; he’s definitely got the confidence for it.(When Cat brings out the top 10, everyone else takes the opportunity to show off a big move.Logan did a flip into a side split and then pulled himself up from that split with just his legs, and it was only his third-coolest trick. Hip hop dancer Stephen “t Witch” Boss, who was the runner-up in Season 4, and Allison Holker, a contemporary dancer who made it to the Top 8 in Season 2.

There was drama and passion from Fikshun and Amy Yakima, to a whole new twist on hip hop from Tucker Knox and Jenna Johnson.

They brought a whole new light to the show and we hope we see their bright faces return to the show more in the future.

Not only did we have a beautiful opening number and a great panel of judges, but this week’s episode was jammed full of beautiful, sexy, inspirational, and just down right awesome dance routines.

He calls it “hippity-hop.” His glasses are back (and in danger).

He says things like, “I hope I can tap into my inner freak.” Oh, honey.

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